Apologetics (defense of the Gospel) is a term used when writers or pastors try to prove or disprove the question, “So What If the God of the Bible Exists” In the 1600's Pascal's wager raises the question of Gods existence. The Atheist Wager challenges this idea and substitutes a Good God approach Four centuries later Randy Travis asks for a decision with his song “which way will you choose”. Darwin's evolutionary fossils continue to remain silent and the disclaimer found in his book Origin of Species is ignored. Read more

About Alvin F. Berry

Alvin F. Berry, who has 3 grown children, widowed after 45 years in 1998, prostate cancer surviver1999, married a New Zealand missionary in 2002, a US Navy Vet who tracked hurricanes using a seismograph during Korean War, holds a GE Patient for processing, spent 25 years as a School Board member for the Berlin and Questar 3 N.Y. school systems, voted Stephentown Senior Citizen of the year in 1999. Graduated with a AAS degree from Hudson Valley Community College, Troy NY 1959.
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Dad, no one believes in the bible anymore, my teacher said it is just made up of stories, like who can still believe in Jonah and the whale, get real dad. Read more

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